Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vengeance and a sandpiper

Vengeance refers to a performance I saw a couple of weeks ago, performed by students of King's College, London at the Greenwood Theatre. This was Euripides 'Hecuba' - in Greek but with computer generated subtitles - which didn't always match the action on stage but no matter, the theme was clear enough. I say action but there was little of that except for a bloodcurdling human sacrifice off stage and a blinding in a tent. Fearful stuff which led me into writing a poem of my own on the theme of revenge - giving myself haunting dreams in the process.

The Sandpiper is, of course, Elizabeth Bishop's. I have been reading her poems in preparation for a workshop and came across this video clip of the poem on You Tube  I had read an article about 'Sandpiper' which said how the author kept tightening the focus as if adjusting the eye piece on binoculars or a telescope - and then I saw this clip which had exactly the same idea.

What else - Well the wonderful Alice Oswald who spoke the whole of 'Memorial' at the Purcell Room - completely by heart, looking into a very dark auditorium.  An emotionally  shattering experience.

I have been asked, by the poetry prRO project via poetrypf,  to send 4 poems for translation and broadcasting on Romanian radio, so feel very honoured.